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Chaparral High School


Chaparral Continuation High School provides an alternate educational program which meets the needs of a specific student population within the Bonita Unified School District. The school offers new opportunities for success to those students who have unresolved attendance problems and to students who have experienced credit failures and/or deficiencies. 

Recognizing the individual uniqueness of each student, Chaparral offers a strong individualized academic program which is both flexible and multi-faceted. Students are allowed to work at appropriate academic levels as they pursue their high school education. In order to ensure and encourage immediate success, students are awarded variable credits.

A positive school environment is maintained and continuous efforts are made to focus on social interaction and self-confidence building skills. Activities, assemblies, counseling services, and positive staff-student relationships also promote and encourage student success.

Mission Statement

The  mission of Chaparral High School is to  provide an  alternative  educational  format  that offers a safe, nurturing, and supportive  environment.  Students  are  given the opportunity to experience self-paced academic success with a rigorous and challenging curriculum, and as high school graduates, find their place as productive citizens prepared to fulfill their dreams.

For more detailed information please click the following link for the Student Handbook 

Student Expectations

Students are expected to meet the following standards:
  1. Students must meet California Content Standards for each credit as established by each teacher.
  2. Students must be in attendance a minimum of 20 class periods every week.
  3. Students must pass an assessment of the standards for each credit at 70% or higher.
  4. All course work will receive letter grades of "A" through "C". Students do not receive "D" or "F" grades--students will not receive grades or credit for work until it satisfies the standard expectation of a minimum of "C" quality work.

Students 18 years of age and older who do not meet the minimum credit and/or attendance standards will be placed on a special contract. Violation of the contract may result in the student being referred to Adult Education/Community College or other High School Program.

Chaparral Rocks!!

Dress Code

Ed Jones Educational Center places a high emphasis on academic success.  Since clothing can distract from that success, we have adopted a dress code that allows for personal style without making others feel uncomfortable or unsafe.  Clothing,  jewelry,  or  accessories that may  provoke acts of violence,  may be disruptive to the educational environment, or may be used as weapons are prohibited. As your student dresses for school each day, here are some guidelines that will keep them in dress code:

Whats Allowed                                                      "WHAT NOT TO WEAR"

Proper fitting tops

Pants or shorts worn at waist without a belt

Socks mid-calf or shorter

Bib overalls with both straps buckled

Oversized shirts reaching below wrists, creased sleeves or down the front. Shirts worn inside out with tag showing. Muscle shirts.

Pants or shorts that do not cover the buttocks/undergarments (sagging), pants that can't stay up without a belt (oversized/baggy pants). Socks that meet the shorts

Modest dresses, skirts, shorts or tops.

When layering, one shirt must have a strap that is at least 1 inch wide.

Skirts, shorts longer than bottom of fingertips with inseams longer than 4 inches

Visible under garments (including sports bra), see-through or fishnet fabrics, off-the-shoulder clothing, low cut tops, halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, shirts that reveal breast or stomach, revealing lacy lingerie-style tops. Pants, shorts, dresses or skirts (with or without slits) that reveal  buttocks/undergarments

Hair bands, leather or plastic belts, plain belt buckles

Bandanas, belts and wristbands with protruding metal, buckles with letters, chains, do rags, combs worn in hair, hair nets

Clothes with designer/company logos and graphics, college logos

Clothing  that  depicts  violence/weapons,  profanity, sexually suggestive (i.e. SKIN), alcohol, tobacco, drugs, professional sports logos, cultural/religious/sexual prejudice, gambling. Gang-style clothing (i.e. all one color), belts, hats, footwear, jackets, headgear, wallet chains, shoe strings

Sneakers, leather shoes, boots, flip flops, open toed sandals, backless shoes

Bedroom house slippers/shoes that are designed to be only worn inside (no fuzzy or cloth soles). Steel toed shoes or boots

Earrings, bracelets, watches

Sun glasses  worn  indoors,  oversized  or  excessive jewelry, lanyards, gloves, wristbands, oversized purses/tote bags, backpacks

Jogging outfits, sweats, uniforms, flannel shirts

Pajamas, flannel pants or tops that are designed  as sleep or loungewear

College wear: sport hats, college jerseys, logos

Professional sports attire, logos, accessories

Solid colored hats without lettering;

Medically/religiously required hats as approved by school principal

Hoods or beanies. Any headwear with professional sports logos. Logos on hats must meet the same guidelines as other clothing (see above). Hats must be removed at teacher request/discretion

Final interpretation of the school dress code is at the discretion of the school administration.

Students out of dress code will not be permitted to attend classes until they correct the violation.

     By following the guidelines above, you will ensure that your child avoids the following consequences:
1 ST  offense: Warning; parents called to bring a change of clothes

2 ND offense: Lunch detention; parents called to bring a change of clothes

3 RD offense: 6th period detention; parents called to bring change of clothes

4 TH offense: In-School Suspension; parents called to bring a change of clothes

5 TH offense: 3 day In-School Suspension; parents called to bring change of clothes

6 TH offense: One day at home Suspension

     Continued offenses will result in further administrative disciplinary action.