Ed Jones Educational Center

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Class Policies

Tardies: All classes are consistent with the school's policy regarding tardies. 
Absences: If a student is absent, he or she must make arrangements with the teacher to make-up the assignments or tests which they missed.


Each student will complete an in-class assignment and earn a score of 75% or better daily.  Upon completing the chapter, students who have completed each assignment and earned a 75% or better will be given a chapter test.  Students with a score of 75% or better will receive a credit.  A total of 5 chapter test will be administered during each semester.  There will also be one District Benchmark Test per quarter.  Passing the District Benchmark with a 75% or better will earn the student an additional credit each quarter. 

Letter grades are based on the student's tests average.  A letter grade of "C" will be applied to student's credits not completing at least 5 credits within a semester.

Please turn off all electronics, including phones, music players, etc., before you enter the classroom. Any cellphone or electronic device on display will be sent immediately to the office, where you may retrieve it at the end of the school day.