Ed Jones Educational Center

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Period 5 Intro to Computers

Learning Goals:

  • Explore Career Opportunities and employment trends in computer applications.
  • Describe basic operation of a computer and understand computer terminology.
  • Demonstrate proper keyboarding techniques with a goal of 40+wpm.
  • Use word processor to create, edit and format different documents.
  • Create spreadsheets and graphs.
  • Use database management system to create files, reports and queries.
  • Complete work related job documents
  • Prepare slide presentations.

Grading Scale:
100% - 90% = A
89% - 80% = B
79% - 70% = C
69% - below = no credit

Classroom Rules

  • Be in your seat when the bell rings.
  • Respect others and yourself.
  • Listen to instructions and questions for clarification
  • Have all materials ready to go when the bell rings.
  • Keep the class clean at all times. Food and drinks need to be eaten outside the classroom or given to teachers before class starts.