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Periods 1& 4 Credit Recovery

The Odyssey Ware program is an accelerated, self-paced online program that allows a student to work on a particular subject to recover failed credits. The class material will be presented through small group and individual lessons.

Classroom Expectations


Attendance is crucial. If you are absent you miss out on valuable work time. For every day you are absent, that is the amount of days you have to make up any missed work.


Punctuality is mandatory.  A student who is not in his/her seat and prepared to work when the bell rings is considered tardy.


Respectful Behavior is expected and is to be displayed at all times; towards peers, teacher and visitors. Consequences will be applied according to the school district's discipline policies and procedures for those students who will not be respectful of the behavior expectations.


Homework is generally not given. Students may work on Odyssey at home as it is a web based program. The rate at which each credit is earned is up to the student, they may complete a credit at an accelerated pace.


Tests and Quizzes will be used to keep track of student progress. The purpose of the tests and quizzes is to show that the student has mastered the content.


Participation is a vital part of class. This will be demonstrated by working quietly in class and completing assignments in a timely manner.  Each student is responsible for the overall quality of his/her work.

Earning Credits and Grade


Credit will be received after completing 12 hours worth of work with a grade of 60% or better on all: assignments, quizzes and tests.  All assignments (multiple choice and writing) must be complete in order to receive credit. Grades are based on total points accumulated on quizzes, tests, homework, and class assignments. Students who wish to accelerate can work at home. 


Social Science State Standards