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Credit 1

Credit 1 Standards

Learning Standard 12.1

Students explain the fundamental principles and moral values of American democracy as expressed in the U.S. Constitution and other essential documents of American democracy.

Learning Standard 12.2-12.3

Students evaluate and take and defend positions on the scope and limits of rights and obligations as democratic citizens, the relationships among them, and how they are secured.

Students evaluate, take, and defend positions on what the fundamental values and principles of civil society are (i.e., the autonomous sphere of voluntary personal, social, and economic relations that are not part of government), their interdependence, and the meaning and importance of those values and principles for a free society.

Text Book Assignments

Bookwork: Chapters 1-4

Section Reviews chapters 1-4.
Section reviews equal 2 assignments.

Chapter reviews 1-4

Chapter reviews equal 4 Assignments

Chapter 1 review pg. 24, chapter 2 review pg 60, chapter 3 review pg. 84, Chapter 4 pg. 110. Student must complete: Practicing Vocabulary, Reviewing Main Ideas, Critical Thinking Skills, Analyzing Political cartoons , and Math Practice.

Please Write out all Questions when doing Section or Chapter Reviews!!

Mandatory Assignment

Mandatory Assignment: Students must complete at least one of the projects listed below

*Create a pictorial display of the bill of rights. You may simply list them, or you may draw a picture that describes each one, for extra assignment credit. You may also complete a Power Point discussing the Bill Of Rights for extra assignment value. Click here for an example

*Visual: Create a collage in which the theme portrays the ideas listed above in standard 12.2 &12.3. These projects are worth more assignment credit, in relation to the amount of effort you put into them. See Mr. Hanson for examples.

*Create a timeline of events that explain how one becomes a citizen of the United States, including the process of naturalization (e.g., literacy, language, and other requirements).

* Create a newspaper with articles detailing the United States relationship with Mexico in the late 20th Century.

* Develop a song, Speech or visual display which defends positions on the fundamental values and principles of civil society, and the meaning and importance of those values and principles for a free society. (This assignment should reflect any fundamental principles, religious beliefs, or moral beliefs that you feel guide what America should be based upon today. Many of these issues are specifically discussed in chapter 14, or can be found by researching topics such as civil liberties on the internet.)