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credit 4

Credit 4 State Standards

Standard 12.7

Students analyze and compare the powers and procedures of the national, state, tribal, and local governments.

12.7.1 Explain how conflicts between levels of government and branches of government are resolved.

12.7.2 Identify the major responsibilities and sources of revenue for state and local governments.

12.7.3 Discuss reserved powers and concurrent powers of state governments.

12.7.4 Discuss the Ninth and Tenth Amendments and interpretations of the extent of the federal government's power.

12.7.5 Explain how public policy is formed, including the setting of the public agenda and implementation of it through regulations and executive orders.

12.7.6 Compare the processes of lawmaking at each of the three levels of government, including the role of lobbying and the media.

12.7.7 Identify the organization and jurisdiction of federal, state, and local (e.g., California) courts and the interrelationships among them.

12.7.8 Understand the scope of presidential power and decision making through examination of case studies such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, passage of Great Society legislation, War Powers Act, Gulf War, and Bosnia.

12.8 Students evaluate and take and defend positions on the influence of the media on American political life.

12.8.1 Discuss the meaning and importance of a free and responsible press.

12.8.2 Describe the roles of broadcast, print, and electronic media, including the Internet, as means of communication in American politics.

12.8.3 Explain how public officials use the media to communicate with the citizenry and to shape public opinion.

Text Book Assignments

Assignments for Government Credit # 4A


Section reviews pgs. 213, 221, 230, 240, 247, 254, 688, 693, 700, 705, 712

Chapter 8 review pg. 232, chapter 9 review pg 256, chapter 24 review pg 714  (Practicing vocabulary, Reviewing Main Ideas, Critical Thinking). 

Credit 4 Mandatory Assignment

Mandatory Assignment

*** Chapter 25 review must be done for the 4th Credit***


 You must Write all of the questions out and work through "Political Cartoons."

This assignment is worth 4 assignment credits.



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Choose any of the following projects for additional assignment Credit.                                         

*Visual:  Create a visual discussing in detail the positive and negative impacts that the Mass Media play within politics.  See Chapter 19 section 2.  Base your visual around your opinion of this statement: "The media's greatest power is in the way they define reality for the American People."


* Interview, write, or E-mail a local newspaper editor to find out what preventative measures they take to prevent libel suits.


* Create a chart outlining State and Local, and Federal government Services.  This project can be worth up to 10 Assignments.