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Welcome to Mr. Gross's Government class.  This letter is meant to inform you how easy it is to earn credits and to move forward in your academic career.  Click on any of the links below for resources needed to complete the class, or simply click on "resources above. My goal is that every senior graduates, you simply need the drive and motivation to complete your work on a day to day basis.  Here's how we do it!!

For the first 5 minutes of each period
, you will write the "learning Goal" that we will be covering for that day on the Learning Goal Reflection Sheet.  The last five minutes of class we will review the "Learning Goal" and you will complete a five sentence paragraph explaining the learning goal in your own words.

Tuesday's through Thursday's students will work on an activity which counts as one assignment toward the 12 that they need for their credit. This assignment relates to the learning goal, and is based on a California State Standard for Government. On Mondays and Fridays, students work individually on Mandatory assignments and make up work on the particular credit they are working toward.  Links to each credit are posted on the left of this page.  Students can click on these links to view all of the book assignments and projects for each individual credit.  Aside from what we do in class each week, students choose from the assignments listed to fulfill their credit obligation of 12 assignments and twelve learning goal entries. 

Class Schedule

Each day we do something a little different to learn the "goal" for the day.  Here is the schedule for the day to day activities each week in this class.

Monday- Individual Work Days (work on mandatory assignments and turn in credits)

- Computer lab activity

- Lecture activity

- Skills activity and Quiz

- Individual Work Days (work on mandatory assignments and turn in credit


Each Credit Assignment Sheet comes with list of possible book work, and projects that you may choose to work on. Click on any of the government credit tabs on the left drop down menu,or below, to view the assignment sheets.  You will work on these assignments on Mondays and Fridays once you have completed the mandatory assignment for your particular credit. 

If you choose to do a project, you will receive "assignment credit" based upon the amount of work that you have put into that assignment.   Thus; if you project took you 3 hours to work on, you would receive 3 assignment credits.  You may also choose to do any of the projects listed electronically, and turn them in via email to: z.gross@bonita.k12.ca.us .  Please remember that anything you turn in to me via email should be considered appropriate for school use 

Government credit 1
Government credit 2
Government credit 3
Government credit 4
Government credit 5

Next Credit Due Date

Credit 1 is due Friday September 7.