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Welcome to RSP Math/Algebra 2011-2011, a indivdualized program able to meet the math needs of all students.  Students have the capability of moving at the most appropriate pace to earn credits as fast as necessary. 


Chaparral High School

Math Syllabus

  Mr. Gross    

Welcome to Mr. Gross's  math class.  This course will be based on individual one credit units which will average 12-15 work hrs.  All work in a specific credit will need to be completed and stapled to a cover sheet.  Additionally, a passing score of 75% on a final cumulative test/project will need to be attained before the credit is issued.  You will earn a grade of at least a "C" or better if the credit is turned in on time and complete.   If you complete one assignment each day, you can earn a credit every 2-3 weeks!

Work ethic is the most important factor in achieving success in this class!!

All work will be completed in class and stored in a binder that you will receive from me.  You may keep this folder in the cabinet here in class. Any work that is not completed the day that it is assigned can be finished on "catch up" Fridays.

What will a typical day look like?

Every day at the beginning of class, students will get their supplies and notebook from the back of the class and quickly sit down.  Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom for water, bathroom, etc. so please plan accordingly.  We will go over the "learning objective" that you will find on the white board.  This learning goal is what we will be covering in our lesson and student work for that day. 




Policies for Success

Students need to respect their peers, the teachers, and themselves at all times.  This means no cursing or profanity and no defacing property.  Please raise your hand if you have a question and be patient; we will get to you as soon as possible.  Good behavior and hard work will be rewarded by the teacher.  You have choices in this class: some choices will come with rewards, others will come with consequences.  Focus on earning your credits, learning, and behaving in a way that will pay off now and in the long run!