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Summer School

Summer School . . . Working hard and getting results. Way to go Saints, Bearcats and Dogs!

Dawg Daze of Summer

While many students were sleeping in, traveling or "kickin' it" we were knocking out credits at Chaparral's summer school. We had a great group of kids and staff this year. From Cartwright getting 16 students through Integrated II to Mr. Dworak pushing all three of his classes to earn those credits. We had Gross and MacCormick splitting their hours giving us some fresh legs in the middle of the game. Let's not forget Mrs. Fowler who taught 5 hours at SDHS and ran over here to cover the afternoon class . . . Thanks!

We became a campus full of Bearcats, Saints and Bulldogs. They all got along and it made for a very nice summer school. For the most part all of the students worked hard and achieved their goals.  Our classified staff really came through. Yvonne brought us goodies and even full on breakfasts a few times. Gina was always available for whatever we needed whether it was watching a classroom or being in the office everyday from 2-3. We enjoyed some themed Fridays with Dipapalooza and our Ceviche Throwdown. 

It was an honor to be your summer school principal. I enjoyed it and will be happy to do this anytime. Thank you


Dan Gribbon