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Chaparral and Vista "Preparing Students for What's Next"

Contact Information
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Student support services include 2 full-time and one part time counselors, school liaison, health clerk, as well as a part time psychologist.

Jamie Razo
(909) 971-8240 Ext. 4051
Valeria Herrea 
(909) 971-8240 Ext. 4150
Takashi Matsumoto

(909) 971-8240 Ext. 4150


School Liaison:

Marisela Gohr
(909) 971-8240 Ext. 4113


Health Clerk:
Christina Prestella
(909) 971-8240 ext. 4020

School Psychologist: 

Chris Holloway

(909) 971-8240 ext. 4140


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All students are assigned an Individual Growth Plan, which helps the student and counselor monitor progress on a regular basis.
This teaming of school personnel creates a smaller and more personal environment for our students.

 Students also receive services through outside agencies, including:

  • Child Protective Services
  • Homeless Emergency Runaway Effort
  • County Alcohol, Drug, Mental Health Services
  • Teen Parent Services
  • private practice psychologists
  • Parent Education Network
  • County Schools Speech Therapy and Communicatively Handicapped programs

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The Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) at Faiplex offers ROP classes for students to earn Vocational , Fine Arts, and elective credits.  Students love these hands on classes which can lead to future career opportunities.  Click on the following link for information about the classes being offered.


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