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Chaparral Teachers

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Chaparral High School consists of 12 highly qualified teachers, teaching a variety of subjects which enable our students to achieve proficiency in their chosen course of study and meet their graduation requirements.
Students are assigned appropriate courses of study based upon their individual growth plan, which they receive from School Counselor VandeLune.  This plan is a personal "roadmap" listing what each student needs to complete to meet their graduation requirements.

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Chaparral offers a variable credit program. Variable credit is granted for completion of class work at Chaparral High School. State guidelines provide that one credit is equivalent to twelve hours of work. Students will receive credits when they demonstrate proficiency on classroom assessments. With individualized homework and independent credit opportunities, credit can be earned at an accelerated rate.
All students must earn a minimum of 15 credits every 9 weeks just to stay on track of a traditional high school. That comes out to one credit in each class every 3 weeks. Students who are behind in credits will need to accelerate that pace. Credits are awarded to students who have 1) passed an assessment demonstrating proficiency in that subject area and 2) had their completed work evaluated by their teacher who also provided feedback.

Students can accelerate by earning twenty-five or more credits per quarter.

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