Ed Jones Educational Center

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Class Policies

TardiesAll classes are consistent with the school's policy regarding tardies.  You will serve lunch or after school detention for the accumulation of tardies to my class.
Absences: You are responsible for making up work missed due to any excused or unexcused absences. You must make arrangements with me immediately upon returning to class to make up your work.  I am always available during lunch (10:55 to 11:30) as well as during my conference period from 1:30 to 2:30.  These are both good times to make an appointment with me to come in to make up work you may have missed, or any work you may just need a bit more time to complete.

Class Policies / School Policies:
All students will be expected to follow the school rules which are written in the Ed Jones Educational Chenter's Parent / Student Handbook.

All assignments must be written in complete sentences, or you may write out the question and then write the answer that follows.  I will not accept work that is not in complete sentences.

All assignments must be stamped off daily so that I can keep track of your completed work. I do not assign points to any of the assignments.  We correct each assignment as a class, and I will stamp off your assignments each day, as we progress through the credit.   Most credits are comprised of 11 assignments and the credit test.  Credits will be due on the day of the credit test.  You will know in advance when each credit will be due.  I do not accept late credits, so pay close attention to keeping up with your daily assignments and important due dates! 

Credit Tests:
The credit tests are given the day the credit is due.  You will have 2 chances to pass your credit tests.  I allow you to use your work, but not the textbook on your tests.  You need to score a minimum of 70% on your tests.  If you do not pass your test on the 1st try, I will give it back to you so that you can make corrections on it.  Hopefully, you will pass it the 2nd time.  If you do not pass your test on the 2nd try, I reserve the right to have you write a 5 paragraph essay on a topic that coincides with the specific credit, in place of the test. Credit tests will be the only scored item on each credit.  See grading scale below:   


  • 90 - 100%  = A
  • 80 - 89%    = B
  • 70 - 79%    = C
  • 69% and Below   = No Credit  

Passing Benchmark Exams: 
A few weeks before each benchmark, we will start reviewing the concepts that the assessment will focus on.  Each studnet will take the benchmark exam provided by the district.  If you are able to score "Proficient" or above, you will receive one US History credit!  This will translate to you possibly completing US History early!  So study, study, study!!!  It is well worth the effort you will put forth!!!

Hats, Hoods and beanies:
I am a firm believer in building strong character traits within my students.  With that in mind, it is never polite for a gentleman to enter a building with at hat on.  Please be respectful, and remove your hats, hoods or beanies before entering my classroom.

Please turn off all electronics, including phones, music players, etc., before you enter the classroom. Any cellphone or electronic device on display will be sent immediately to the office, where your parent or guardian may retrieve it at the end of the school day.