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Office and Support Staff

To call any staff member, dial 909-971-8240 then the extension you wish to dial.
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Office and Support Staff


Chris Black                     
Principal Ext. 4010

Sean Casey                      

Dean Ext. 4029


Jamie Razo
Counselor Ext. 4051
Valeria Herrera
Counselor Ext. 4150
Takashi Matsumoto
Counselor Ext.4028
Chris Holloway          

School Psychologist Ext. 4140


Tiffany Merrill
Foster/Homeless Youth Liason Ext. 4028

Jeanie O'Connell          
Secretary Ext. 4011

Cathy Schofield                     
Registrar Ext. 4050

Eileen Brauner
Receptionist Ext. 4040


Christina Prestella            
Health Clerk Ext. 4020


Marisela Gohr
Community Liaison Ext. 4113


Gina Torres                     
Campus Supervisor


David Terrones

Campus Supervisor


Miriam Marascola
Librarian Ext. 4133


Quicha Dotson
Instructional Aide Ext 4134


Anne Lambert 
Instructional Aide Ext. 4130


Casey Ravenkamp              

Instructional Aide Ext. 4146


Marlyn Lopez

Instructional Aide Ext 4141


Edinam Ntibrey

Instructional Aide Ext 4132