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District Wide Broadcast Message


Wellness and self-care information and resources are available for students and families using the following link:

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Mission Statement

Chaparral and Vista High Schools provide an alternative environment focused on equity, mastery, and results in a safe and supportive academic community that values social and emotional wellness. Students are empowered to rise to the challenge of a rigorous curriculum and become productive citizens prepared to fulfill their purpose.

Vision Statement

We uphold the value of education, the quality of individual performance, and cultivate healthy relationships that carry into the community.

Behavioral Statement

Chaparral and Vista High Schools teach students vital character traits essential for success at school and beyond. Students are rewarded for positive behavior, good attendance, participation, supporting a positive school climate. Doing the right thing, Owning your actions, Giving respect and Showing pride.

Chap-Vista Yearly Calendar
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You can always click on the calendar button and see what's happening each month at Chaparral and Vista High Schools. Another great tool is our school year calendar which shows you everything on one page.